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Children’s Authority urges parents and guardians to find alternative forms of discipline

Date: 2015-07-13

The Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is horrified and strongly condemns the actions of the person responsible for humiliating the child, as revealed in a video clip, now in the public domain.

The Authority has been in contact with the Police to substantiate whether the video originates in Trinidad and Tobago. Up to the time of preparing this Release, neither the Child Protection Unit of the Trinidad and Tobago Police Service nor the Authority had received any report of the incident.  Anyone with information on the child or the alleged abuser, should contact the Authority’s hotline at 996 or 800-2014.

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Children’s Authority calls on parents to be vigilant during vacation, given high levels of child abuse

Date: 2015-07-07

The Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is calling on parents and guardians, to make the school holiday period a safe one for their children.

The Authority notes that there is a higher incidence of abuse of children, particularly sexual abuse, during vacation periods, as children may be left unsupervised for longer periods of time, giving perpetrators more access and opportunity.

Research has shown that children whose parents talk to them about abuse are better equipped to protect themselves, since they can identify risky situations.

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Children’s Authority holds adoption sensitisation session: families express hope

Date: 2015-06-16

Persons wishing to adopt children in Trinidad and Tobago will find the process less complicated and time consuming. This was the assurance given to over 100 persons who attended a sensitisation session hosted by the Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago on Friday 12th June, 2015 on the New Adoption Process.

Over three weeks ago three key pieces of legislation including the Adoption of Children Act, 2000 were proclaimed to allow the Authority to better respond to the needs of children. In the future one of the functions of the Children’s Authority will be the management of the Adoption process.

The session was designed for families who had already been pre-approved by the former Adoption Board. Stephanie Daly, S.C. Chairman of the Board of Management of the Authority said the new legislation stripped away the bureaucracy and restrictions which saw persons waiting years after approval, to extend their family.

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Children's Authority operational

Date: 2015-06-16

The Children's Authority of Trinidad and Tobago is now operational and ready to deliver services to children and their families.

This comes following proclamation on Monday 18th May, 2015, of the following pieces of legislation:

Stephanie Daly, S.C., Chairman of the Board of Management of the Authority says 'we welcome the proclamations as they contain many new options that can better respond to the needs of children, and represent a new beginning in the way issues related to children will be addressed'.

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