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The Children’s Authority to assess children following their mother’s suicide

Date: 2015-08-14

The Children’s Authority of Trinidad and Tobago extends condolences to the family of Sherry Ann Seecharan who committed suicide yesterday. The Authority has sent a team of specialists to provide support for the well-being of the woman’s children.

The team comprises a trauma specialist, social worker and a psychologist who will provide therapeutic and psycho-social support for the children in coping with their loss.

The Authority will assess the needs of the children and recommend the type of intervention that they may require, in order to support them through what is undoubtedly a difficult period.

In an effort to provide the necessary services to the adults in the family, the Authority will liaise with partner agencies within the social services system, particularly, the National Family Services and the Victim, Witness and Support Unit.

Meanwhile, the Authority stands ready to provide any support, including assessing the Diego Martin children who were charged with manslaughter and possession of arms and ammunition, once the Court refers the matter to the Authority.